MCD#74 – ART/INDUSTRY disponible en version anglaise

The disruption of art


Cover © photo Memo Akten, Quayola, D.R.


At a time when brands like Facebook, Google, Twitter… gather more people than entire continents, it can be interesting to question the relationship between digital artists and new creative industries. Creative people who use technology and work with engineers, developers and scientists produce works, devices and inventions whose users are no longer confined to the institutional sphere and museums nor places dedicated to the contemporary art scene.

Their research & creation intersects the R&D departments of companies and laboratories. The collaborative methods of such groups made of developers, designers and artists, promote innovation without necessarily claiming its ownership. Some of them, like the Graffiti Research Lab or the Free Art Technology Lab (FAT Lab), even assert the open-source as a constitutive feature of their works. Occasionally, companies and brands are inspired by these creations and might even choose to involve artists in their development.

Art-Industry interactions are numerous and crossbreed at different stages of collaboration. The content of this issue demonstrates the variety and richness of achievements and the research undertaken. The connected artist might indeed be the one who best enables us to disconnect.

I am particularly grateful to Marco Mancuso from Digicult Italy, who was given carte blanche for this issue, all the authors as well as organisations, artists and brands who kindly answered our questions. I also wish to thank, once again, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, our partners and advertisers for their support towards this publication.


With the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication


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    MCD#74 - ART/INDUSTRY - THE DISRUPTION OF ART Design / Technologies / Agencies ; Business / R & D / Innovation / Urban Planning ; Architecture / Creativity / Open Data ; New Media / Medialab ----- ENGLISH VERSION
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