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    Covid-19, mobilized in photos

    Delivering protective gear with Makerscovid.Paris

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    Capturing the moment for distributed production of personal protective equipment, photographer Quentin Chevrier followed deliveries around a city on lockdown by the collective Makers x Covid Paris.

    Out for delivery to Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Makers in the greater Paris region are currently working around the clock to produce emergency protective gear for those most exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Makers x Covid Paris is one of many ad hoc collectives in the French capital, which emerged from initiatives launched by Volumes, WoMa, Mon Atelier en Ville, Electrolab and Atelier des Amis. Fab City Grand Paris rose to the challenge by immediately federating fablabs, hackerspaces, coworking spaces and shared work studios. Soon after, Homemakers textile fablab in the 15th arrondissement, the brand-new La Tréso in Malakoff, many other labs, public partners and suppliers rallied around this collective dynamic. Now, Makers x Covid Paris includes 68 fabrication spaces and 85 volunteers with a common goal: to produce and deliver through a dedicated platform a maximum of sanitary equipment for those most exposed.

    From fabricating to assembling face shields

    As the machines operate nonstop, teams organize into different shifts. The first round of volunteers comes in to assemble and pack the face shields into cardboard boxes, which are labeled and ready to be delivered to the organizations that placed their order through the online platform. Then the “runners” come to the various labs to pick up the boxes and transport them, via bicycle or automobile, to the health care workers.

    500 face shields were assembled in 5 hours by 6 people gathered at Volumes makerspace in the 19th arrondissement. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Preparing boxes for delivery at Volumes. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    An atmosphere of conscientious work, repetitive tasks and protected faces reigns at the (usually) open-service Mon Atelier en Ville in the 2nd arrondissement. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Preparing boxes for delivery at WoMa makerspace in the 19th arrondissement. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    There is a constant flow of peer-to-peer orders on This online tool channels the needs and requests of small organizations and health care centers directly to the fablabs. In an effort to support local production and manufacturing, the municipal government of Paris further connected other potential suppliers and contributed to practical solutions in logistics.

    Carton Plein, activism on delivery

    In the offices of Carton Plein—an association that is particularly committed to the social and professional integration of people most alienated from work (homeless, without qualifications or income, etc.)—volunteers are planning the deliveries of face shields produced by makers in their homes to health care and other essential workers, as well as raw materials for fablabs.

    Planning deliveries in the offices of Carton Plein. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Preparing cargo for delivery at Carton Plein. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Loading boxes outside Carton Plein in the 11th arrondissement. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Fred, volunteer and elected official in the 18th arrondissement, prepares his journey to Villette Makerz in Parc de la Villette. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Delivering raw materials to Villette Makerz fablab in the 19th arrondissement. As Parc de la Villette is closed, the cargo bike cannot go any further inside. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Noël’s cargo-bike delivery to medical teams

    Noël delivers face shields produced at Atelier des Amis in the 17th arrondissement.

    Noël’s first delivery at Hôtel Dieu Hospital on Ile de la Cité. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    This box is filled with 50 face shields for Hôtel Dieu Hospital. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Receiving the order of 50 face shields. The stylus will be cleaned once the delivery form is signed. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Trying on the face shield—over the mask. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Delivery to the home of a health care worker. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    Delivering 200 face shields to Pôle Santé Paris 13, an association of more than 150 health care professionals. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    The face shields will then be distributed to the Maison des aînés et des aidants. Mission accomplished! Noël validates reception of delivery with a photo. Photo : © Quentin Chevrier

    In order to buy materials, some labs made advance payments before calling for donations. So far, they have raised 3000 euros. While the logistical supply of materials is still complicated at the moment, some businesses have responded and actively support the initiative (suppliers Kimya, Francofil, Polydis, Richardson, DOOD for the supply of 3D printers).

    Makers x Covid Paris has already produced some 15,000 face shields, delivered to a number of hospitals (Hôpital du Kremlin-Bicêtre, Pitié-Salpêtrière, Hôpital Robert Debré, Hôpital Saint-Louis, etc.), and is currently producing several thousand more.

    Quentin Chevrier
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